Back to the basics – unschooling


Long time no update on our homeschool and this has to do with the fact that it has become normal in our lives. It is a lifestyle for our family so natural that the days fly past us.

Almost six years ago we started homeschooling our children, since then we have learned much about the meaning of education, on how we educate them and where we want to go with their learning.

From the beginning it has been a learning curve for everyone, like most beginners, we have tried to recreate the school. By this I do not mean we prepared a place in the house to study but we did follow curriculums, trying to get children to learn in a more didactic manner following a default age schema for each kid.
In our early years it had helped me to keep track of the topics they “should be learning” while introducing topics that my kids were interested in, that’s how I realized that they retained information when they were interested and engaged in the topic or activity.

This is why we slowly changed the way of learning, we no longer use the books with subjects and topics by age.
In a very natural way we have gone from Homeschooling to Unschooling.

What is Unschooling?

Basically, it is learning without a curriculum, without following the guidelines of a teacher. Although I think it is easier to define by what it’s NOT.
It is NOT school at home, it is NOT a re-creation of the school environment with a low student-teacher ratio and it’s NOT about leaving your kids to fend for themselves.

Unlike some believes, Parent are very aware of each child needs and are present to help their kids providing full support in their learning process, creating an environment based on the understanding that humans learn best when they are motivated and involved.
Dropping that control over the child and learning truly comes naturally.

Unschooling is much more than dropping curriculum. It becomes a learning lifestyle, where parents and children together enjoy exploring their interests and passions.
Learning can be exciting when children are given the freedom to explore their world.

We will be soon Worldschooling, exposing our children to to different environments and cultures.

But doesn’t matter how we call it, the important thing is that our children are free to learn based on their interests and we are there to support them.

Soy Lorena, la creadora de A Life Type, un blog dedicado a nuestro estilo de vida mientras educamos en casa a nuestros hijos en México.

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